Russian forces in the Mediterranean - Wk43/2021

Task Force Composition

As reported by OSINT at noon of October 30

Weekly Brief

A continuation of planned rotations took place during the week with a Grigorovich class frigate and Bykov class patrol vessel entering the Mediterranean from the Black Sea. Both vessels spent several days training in the Black Sea prior to their departure towards the Mediterranean.

Daily Events

October 26
Bykov class patrol vessel RFS Dmitry Rogachev reportedly started her transit from the port of Sevastopol towards the Mediterranean. The vessel should be making the transit through the Bosporus soon as her passage is already reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense. Prior to her deployment, the vessel and her crew held several exercises at the training grounds of the Black Sea Fleet. These exercises included training with the Ka-27 helicopter [1].

Tapir class landing vessel RFS Orsk departed the Mediterranean after completing a supply run towards the Russian naval base at Tartus. Her transit through the Bosporus took place during the morning [2].

October 27
Rescue tug Spasatel Bekh was reported near the coast of Algeria [3]. The vessel continues to head towards the Strait of Gibraltar.

October 28
Grigorovich class frigate RFS Admiral Grigorovich passed through the Bosporus during the morning hours and entered the Mediterranean [4] [5]. The vessel will replace the frigate RFS Admiral Essen [6] [7].

October 29
Rescue tug Spasatel Bekh, former SB-739, passed Europa Point at Gibraltar during the afternoon and headed towards the Atlantic Ocean [8].

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